S2M & Siber: The air and the need to ventilate

Proper ventilation allows us to ensure maximum air quality in order to improve the health of people, comfort in the home and energy efficiency.

S2M works with Siber because it provides a set of solutions of high energy efficiency in wind and mechanically intelligent ventilation, improving the Health, Hygiene and Comfort of people, being respectful with the environment.

The quality of the air that people breathe inside the buildings, is supported by the contribution of the most modern ventilation systems for the single-family habitat, multi-family and tertiary premises, thus eliminating the presence of a multitude of contaminants dangerous to health and reducing the adverse effects of the production of greenhouse gases.

The European Directive 2010/31 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council, of May 19, 2010, concerning the certification of energy efficiency of buildings, has meant in Spain since June 1, 2013 according to Royal Decree 235/2013 entry into Mandatory energy certification for buildings for sale or rent, so the Energy Rating must be included in any offer, promotion or advertising of the property, so that the consumer can value and compare the energy expenditure.

Siber intelligent ventilation systems are well above the minimum requirements of compliance with the Technical Building Code CTE HS3 and the Regulation of Thermal Installations in the RITE buildings, thanks to the contribution of solutions based on self-regulating and hygrometable technologies , supported by mono flow systems, double flow with recuperators of more than 90% performance, among others.

The solutions in the ventilation of tertiary buildings (RITE), are based on the modulation of the ventilation whether in single zone or multi zone, via detection principles or via CO2 sensors, among others.

S2M now looks to the future together with Siber to build an efficient and energy-sustainable home.

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