Summer is coming, your swimming pool is ready?

Top 3 High-Tech Swimming Pool Features

Dazzling, Multicolor LED Lighting

Bring vibrant color to your pool, spa, water features, and landscaping with LED (light emitting diode) systems. With their superior brightness, energy efficiency, and operating lifespans, LEDS are becoming increasingly popular in U.S. homes.

Along with LED’s practical benefits, they bring a whole other dimension of style to swimming pools. LEDs deliver superb visual drama with multiple colors that can be set to rotate through a series of jewel-like choices.

Systems also provide flashing “light shows.” Preset programs with rapidly changing lights “dance” around the pool in color themes that relate to holidays—such as Mardi Gras or July Fourth—and to moods—such as romance or tranquility.

Virtually Chlorine-Free Purification

Imagine enjoying your pool without dry skin, stinging red eyes, bleach-like fumes, and other hazards from chemical-laden water.

This is possible with safe, powerful Ozone, a special form of oxygen. Used in pools at top resorts, the Olympics, and in thousands of backyards across Europe, Ozone helps ensure fresh, swim-ready water without the typical loads of harsh chlorine.

Better yet, when paired with ultraviolet (UV) sanitizing light, ozone systems become more powerful—eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful microbes. According to industry experts, that’s because UV acts as a germicidal agent.

Infinite Pool

Time- & Water-Saving Antimicrobial Filters

No one likes cleaning a pool filter—or wasting water. That’s why the smart money is on large cartridge pool filters with antimicrobial product protection.

Big, high-capacity filters can go much longer in between cleanings, Fewer cleanings save time, hassles, and hundreds of gallons of pool water each year.

You also want a pool filter that resists the growth of slimy build-up, according to Treese. Toward this end, we suggests seeking a unit with antimicrobial capabilities, such as Microban.

Used in several hundred consumer products — from baby toys to kitchen countertops— this technology prevents the growth of unwanted pathogens. When integrated into the filter material, Microban battles growth of mold and mildew, so the cartridge will be easier to clean.

Be sure to ask us what kind of state-of-the-art options we offer so you can have a high-tech backyard resort that delivers maximum value for your investment.

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